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What is the 753 Code? The Philosophy behind Self Defense.

Updated: Jun 11

Quote from Grand Master Helio Gracie
Grand Master Helio Gracie

"The Secret of Jujutsu is in it's philosophy." - Grand Master Pedro Valente.

Developed by the Valente Brothers, the 753 Code is a lifestyle & philosophical approach that helps for us to live a more balanced life, physically, mentally & emotionally.

The Valente Brothers were taught by the late Helio Gracie. They are now the third generation of the Valente family who were taught by Helio Gracie.

They are well-known around the world of martial arts. The Valente’s are committed to teaching Helio Gracie's modified version of the traditional Japanese JuJutsu. Commonly known as Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, the Valente’s teach it strictly as Helio taught it.

This is a pure self-defense form of martial arts, ideal for any kind of scenario that requires you to defend yourself. The Valente Brothers style of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is designed to help people defend themselves against a far larger & stronger aggressor.

Below are the values & virtues that we are constantly working to embody. We take great pride in teaching the Valente Brothers method, which is anchored in the 753 Code. This is why we take some time at the end of class to read one of these values and discuss how we can practice making them engrained habits.

See you on the mats...YOU are worth defending!

Self Defense Philosphy
753 Code


Thought of the Moment: "The Secret of Jujutsu is in its philosophy." - Grand Master Pedro Valente I

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