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About us & our Approach

Building Character

Jūjutsu is the way to the most effective use of physical, mental, and spiritual strength. By teaching you attacks and defenses it refines your body, your mind, and your soul and helps you make the spiritual essence of jūjutsu a part of your very being. In this way, you are able to perfect yourself and contribute something of value to the world.

Our Culture is built around this quote:

"Self Defense is not just a set of techniques.

It's a mindset that begins with the belief that


The principle of maximum efficient use of mind and body is the fundamental principle governing all the techniques of jūjutsu. This principal can also be applied to the improvement of the human body making it strong, healthy, and useful, and so constitute physical education. It can also be applied to the improvement of intellectual and moral power, and this case constitutes mental and moral education. It can be applied to the improvement of diet, clothing, housing, social interaction, and methods of business, therefore constituting a study in living. Jūjutsu, in its fuller sense, is a study and a method of training in mind, body, and spirit as well as in the regulation of life and affairs.

Self-Defense Academy of COS's mission is to raise the physical confidence and overall wellness of students of

There are so many good reasons to join to be a part of our "Framily". We believe that our holistic Self-Defense Approach is a gateway to improving your life on so many levels. Some arrive at our studio in search of developing confidence, physical fitness, and street smarts. Others are looking to generate a sense of courage and inner peace.
There are even those that are drawn to this art form due to their love of the culture and tradition that it embodies. Whatever your motivation, you will discover an inspiring world of self-transformation.


Join us! You will be so grateful you did.


Flip Aguliera & Samantha Sargent

Flip moved to Colorado with his wife in 2019, Samantha grew up in Colorado since 1994. Learn more about these local entrepreneurs below. 

Owners and Staff SDA
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Flip Aguilera

Founder & Co-Owner

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Samantha Sargent


As a lifetime martial artist Samantha took a 3 year break to look for a program that could "walk the walk, and talk the talk". She found what she was looking when Flip told her about the Study Group the Valente Brothers invited him to start here. After being a student for just over two years she took the plunge and joined Flip on his venture. Flip continues to run the adult program and Samantha facilitates the Youth Program in addition to the administration side of the business.  

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