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Self Defense Academy COS

First Class FREE!

Come see why this locally owned self defense program is so impactful!

Meet the staff, see the facilities, and of course take a class!

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Youth & Adult Programs

Our Youth Program is for ages 3-15, Adult Programing is for ages 16+. We do offer family & military discounts!


Self Defense Academy COS' mission is to raise the physical confidence and overall wellness of students of all ages by teaching a complete and efficient self-defense & wellness skills set within a safe, clean, positive, and respectful environment.

We are committed to preserving the technical and philosophical roots of jujutsu (jiu-jitsu) as imparted to us by

Grandmasters Helio Gracie and Dr. Pedro Valente Sr.

What makes us different is our commitment to a holistic jujutsu system that empowers you to believe that you are worth defending.

Owners and Staff SDA
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